Austin Hail Storm March 28, 2014

The Austin area was rocked with a hail storm last Friday that dropped up to 1.75″ inch hail in parts of Austin, Cedar Park and Leander. You may have gotten hail large enough to possibly cause damage to your roof. This is damage covered by your insurance company. If you’re not sure whether your home’s been damaged by hail, start by examining other objects around your house. Hail strong enough to damage a roof will also cause damage to nearby cars, wood fences, shutters, gutters and/or exterior siding. Also a significant amount of shingle granules appearing at the end of downspouts may indicate potential damage; however, granule loss, in and of itself, does not prove hail damage. Step 1:      Call Hill Country Roofing Solutions at 512.267.3130 or 512.914.8093  for a free roof inspection. One of our trained professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire property and advise if there is enough damage to warrant filing an insurance claim.